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Papillon Grooming Singapore

The Papillon dog breed is regarded as one of the brightest and most trainable of the toy dog breeds. It is known to be highly active, playful and always scurrying around your home looking for something to do. The Papillon’s agility and obedience makes it one of the best choices for exhibitors that are looking for a top-notch competition dog to participate in dog sports or rallies.

Despite its energetic personality, the Papillon’s small size does make it easier to handle and groom. On top of that, in spite of its profuse coat, it is rather easy to care for as it does not shed excessively like other dog breeds. Nonetheless, proper conditioning and trimming by professional groomers is still necessary to keep your beloved companion in tip-top shape.

Papillon Grooming 101

Papillon grooming basically involves three simple steps – brushing, washing and health maintenance. The Papillon has a long, silky coat without any undercoat, which is easier to groom compared to other breeds with double-layered, rough coats.

Although the Papillon’s coat is not prone to excessive matting, it should be brushed once or twice a week to distribute the natural skin oils, and to maintain healthy hair and skin. Proper bathing when required will also help maintain your Papillon’s skin and coat.

Besides washing and bathing, maintaining your Papillon’s health includes nail trimming and teeth brushing. Nail trimming is usually required twice a month or when you hear clicking noises when they walk on tiled floors, indicating that their nails are too long. If left unattended, your Papillon’s nails can break and consequently lead to pain and infection.

Dental hygiene will also be essential for your Papillon’s health, since this breed is more susceptible to tooth decay, tartar build up and periodontal diseases. So make sure you brush your Papillon’s teeth two to three times weekly, or if possible, daily.

Too Busy? Leave It To Us

Although the aforementioned grooming tasks for your Papillon are manageable, you would still need to spend your precious time and energy on it. Given the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle in Singapore, it would be hard for most to find enough time to groom their beloved Papillons.

This is exactly why professional groomers are here for and Pet Grooming Xpert certainly stands out as one of the best in Singapore. We have a team of certified and experienced groomers to provide only top-notch grooming services that you and your pets deserve.

Our dedicated and friendly staff at Pet Grooming Xpert will also make sure your Papillons do not experience any form of distress while they are here with us. So you can rest assured that your pets will be well-treated, groomed and sent back to you in tip-top condition.

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Pet Grooming Xpert has a variety of pet grooming services such as spa and salon that are available at affordable prices.  No matter what type of pet grooming service you are looking for, we will go the extra mile and pick up your beloved pets regardless of where you are in Singapore.

What’s more, engage our mobile pet grooming service and be amazed by the convenience of our door-to-door grooming service! Simply give our friendly staff a call and our skilful dog groomer will be right there at your doorstep.

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