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Our haircut services not only make any dogs look like a champion but also as a proactive measure at keeping a dog healthy and free from a variety of problems.
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Dog Haircuts Singapore

A Trim, A Cut or Shave It All?

Just like human, our pet dog grows hair. Unlike human, our beloved canine companion could not decide on what types of haircut to wear. Different breeds of dog have their own haircut requirement and specific breed trim are applicable to certain breeds only. Haircut is part of the maintenance procedure in helping to groom, care and clean the coat of the dog. The hair coat is extremely important, zzserving as an insulating layer that protects the dog from the external environment.

Cut Away The Trouble

Most parasites problems could be treated and kept in check by trimming or shaving the fur coat. The tidy short hair make removing parasites such as ticks and fleas easier. As the entire body of dog is literally covered with hair, long unmaintained hair can get entangled and form painful mats which trap dead hairs, filths and other irritants that often lead to excessive itching and scratching causing sore and infected lesions. Trimming and cutting away overgrown hair can rid these issues in no time.

Haircut For Health

A dog hair cut can do more than just to give a neat and tidy appearance. Health warning signs especially rashes, hives and hot spots are often well hidden under the coat. Moreover, some injury or bruises might also go unnoticed covered by hair. The condition of hair coat itself, such as dryness or brittleness can be studied as symptoms to other illnesses too.  Thus, giving a dog its regular haircut plays a vital role in health care and as a preventative health check in bringing to light problems that may otherwise hidden under the coat of hair.

Hair, Out of The Way Please!

Long shaggy hair is heavy, draggy and gets into the way of functionality and fun for your active fur kids. When they eat or drink, their unkempt hair might dip into their water bowl or get clumped and stuck with wet food. All those hair poking into their eyes and ears are not going to help with their mood as well. Besides being at high risks of getting health issues, shabby hair is inconvenient and repulsive. Sometimes, a haircut is what it takes for the ease of upkeep. With orderly hair, not only the pets will be more hygienic and more comfortable, but owners will have less combing and brushing to do, not to mention less of a shedding mess as well.

Our Hairstylists Are Ready

Our hairstylists at Pet Grooming Xpert are passionate in getting the best hair cut for your pet dog. All our personnel are talented, certified and experienced. In the hands of the professionals, you can put a different style of haircut on your dog or even come up with a design you desired. We have a long list of positive testimonials to back up our works in Singapore. Our haircut service not only make any dogs look like a champion but also a proactive measure at keeping a dog healthy and free from a variety of problems. Contact us today to book your dog or cat in for our services.


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