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We know you would not simply entrust your furry family member to anyone, so you can be assured that we will treat your dog like our own in our salon
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Dog Salon Singapore

Who’s The Hairiest Of Them All?

The stylist in a human salon only works on the top part of the head or at most, the beard on some hairy gentlemen. In dog salon, the stylist gets to work with a greater amount of hair, in fact on the entire body of our canine companion since almost every inch of their skin is covered in hair. There is hair growing on their delicate face, all over their ear, on their back, on their feet, among their toe, covering their tail and in their sanitary area.

A Variety Of Haircuts

As pet owner, you get to decide whether your dog is going to get a generic haircut or a made-to-order fancy haircut.  There are a large variety of haircuts and trimming terms for dogs. Teddy cuts referred to a uniform length on the whole body area and legs. Kennel cuts does not indicate a particular length, except for being very short, from 1/16th of an inch up to about one third of an inch. Poodle cuts refers to clean shaving between the toes and over the entire foot to keep the feet clean from mud and foxtails. There are many more types of haircuts available.

Show Groom

Conventional pet grooming service is commonly provided by most commercial dog groomers but only a highly skilled professional groomer has the ability to execute show grooms on dogs. Show groom keeps in the spirit of the breed standard clip and produce a dog at its finest coat cut to charm the audience in grooming shows, contests and exhibitions. Show grooming enhance the natural beauty of a dog according to its breed.

Pet Hair Dye

We love our pets as they are but every now and then it is exciting to add in bright fun colours for a fashionable makeover. This is especially amusing when we want to include our pet in Halloween celebration, in joining a festival or just parties with themes. There are many safe and cruelty free dye products that can turn your pet dog into a Pokémon or a minion in no time. Be careful to only choose animal friendly semi-permanent pet hair dye product.

Why Choose Our Salon?

Our groomers are undoubtedly multi-talented, besides being well trained in handling pets, they had vast information about different dog breeds and the suitable makeover for their hair coats. They are artistic and stylistics in their handiwork yet emphasize greatly on your pet safety and comfort. In fact, they continuously receive training to stay on top of industry standards as well as latest trends and hair styles for dog, cat and rabbit in Singapore. We believe there is always room for improvement.

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Pet Grooming Xpert could be the new destination to pamper your pets. We offer full pet grooming services with gentle care and loving touch. We know you would not simply entrust your furry family member to anyone, so you can be assured that we will treat your dog like our own in our salon.  Contact us at now and talk to our friendly staff where we can start with suggestion of the right cut and the best treatment for your beloved home pet.


Our Pet Services

Dog Grooming

Regardless the size, breed and fur condition of your dog, we are ready to groom your adorable dog. 

Cat Grooming

Bath and groom a cat could be the most challenging for most of the cat lover. No worry, we are ready to help.

Rabbit Grooming

Is your Lionhead rabbit really looks like a lionhead with it messy hair? Time for grooming. Find out more.

Guinea Pig Grooming

Your soft and sweet guinea pig deserve a proble grooming like bath, cleaning hair grooming and nail trimming 

Pet Hotel

Going overseas and worry about your love pets? No worry, we are always ready to help with our pet hotel.

Pet Cremation

This is the saddest moment for all the pet owners. Your pet will be forever in our memory.

Pet Taxi

Need to relocate your pet or sending them to Salon? We are here to help. Find out more about our pet taxi.

Dog Training

Dog is one of the most intelligent pet in the world. Of course, proper training is a must. Find out more.

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