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Give Your Dog A Bath

It is horrifying that many pet owners essentially think that doggy baths are a seasonal occurrence, or once in a while for countries with tropical climate all year long such as Singapore. Our weather is hot and humid with abundant rainfall thus it is too easy to imagine how filthy one can get without regular bath. Irrespective of age and breed, dogs are curious and active in nature. They just love to run and roll in the great outdoors. Nonetheless, dogs are not cats. Though they are capable of self-entertainment, they certainly need help with washing and maintenance.

Dog Hates Bath – A Myth?

It is definitely a myth. With a proper and thorough bath, conducted in an ideal environment with efficient handling, most dogs feel relaxed and pampered. If dogs can talk, you are sure to be pestered by bathing request all the time. Over-doing on bathing time may rid the dog’s coat of natural oils but it really depends on the dog breeds, fur coats, outdoor activities and skin conditions.

The Goodness Of A Wash

Dermatologists recommend frequent wash for dogs with allergic reaction or specific skin conditions such as seborrhoea because washing is one of the easiest, safest and most natural way to keep the problems under control. In this case, it is vital for the dog washer and groomer to have knowledge on the range of medicated pet products to be used.

Dogs that went on a lot of wild adventures will be looking forward to all the washing for a clean and refreshing change. Regular wash-up not only help dogs feel better but most importantly, ensure good coat care and wellbeing maintenance.

Why Is The Need of Professional Dog Wash?

Yes, you might be able to do it at home. Nowadays with the availability of wide ranged tutorial videos on the internet, people even attempt to create fabric to make their own shirts. However, with dog washing, you are dealing with your beloved family member. Your dog might be huge or impatient or cowardly or physically unable. It might have some health issues or skin problems that you are unsure of.  You might not have the space, equipment or pet products for a wash. Worse, you might not have the help, resources, time or the confidence to do it yourself.

We Are Your Best Choice

This is exactly where we at Pet Grooming Xpert play our part. We have the facilities designed to wash dogs of all sizes and breeds in an efficient and appropriate manner. Our washing tubes come in a variety of sizes that can fit even your largest Great Dane. Our water sprayers are strong enough to eliminate dirt yet gentle for our furry friends. We use high powered blowers to blow dry your dogs like new after the wash. Our amenities are complete and our groomers are certified.

Place Your Trust In Us

Trust our experts with tremendous experience in the field of dog grooming and pet handling. We understand the tall demand of pet owners for top-quality dog grooming. Thus, we are proud to offer high-quality dog wash as well as appointments for grooming. Contact us today for the best professional pets washing and grooming service in Singapore.



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