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No more dropping off and picking up or the hassle and mess of home washing. Just give us a call and our prompt mobile dog wash service will come to you.
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Mobile Dog Wash Singapore

All Dogs Need A Wash

Dear dog owners, it is time for you to detach yourself from the old wife’s tale that says dog should not be bathed more than once or twice a month.  Veterinarians recommend bathing your dog at least weekly or on every occasion the dog gets muddy, greasy, dirty and smelly. More recurrent bathing is needed for dogs with skin issues and allergic reactions because these sensitive animals need to be kept clean all the time to rid away allergens and irritants.

Clean Dogs Less Problems

Your dog is like a moving rug, actively trapping dirt, foreign particles, bacteria and even fungi spores in their coat of hair.  Some of these particles act as allergen to your dog, causing a great deal of itchiness and discomfort. Some of these allergens plus dander from the dog might trigger allergic reaction in you and your human family members as well. Common examples are dust mites, mould, plant pollens and animal saliva. These allergen stays on your dog until they get washed away. Hence, clean dogs are less likely to cause unnecessary suffering in people and pets alike.

What A Hassle!

Pet owners hate to admit out loud but in secret they all agree that keeping the family dog clean is much of a hassle. Do you wash your dog with a hose in the yard, creating mud puddles, ruining the grass and plants with shampoos and getting all soaked without accomplishing much? Dog usually treat it as a wild water game if you take the washing outdoor. Do you have enough space in your bathroom with a portable showerhead and secure footing mat to wash your dog in a safe and efficient manner? What if you do not have a yard, your bathroom is not dog-friendly and it is inconvenient for you to get your dog all the way to a groomer’s shop?

Pet Grooming Xpet Is Coming To You

Worry no more as we can come to you wherever you are in Singapore. Say goodbye to wet wrestles, soggy bathroom mess and hair clogged drains at home when you use our prompt service that arrives on time and at time that suits you. We at Pet Grooming Xpert operate a mobile dog wash service that provides you nothing short of a convenient, reliable and professional services to wash, groom and maintain your dogs’ wellbeing and comfort.

Choose Our Mobile Dog Wash

Behind Pet Grooming Xpert, there is a dedicated crew of friendly dog-loving people.  All our certified employees are professionally trained, with lots of experience and a heightened sense of responsibility.  We travel to you with all the amenities needed to keep your furry companion looking, smelling and feeling great. You do not need to be bothered about dropping off and picking up or the hassle and mess of home washing. Just give us a call to make an appointment and we are certain to make dog washing so much fun and easier for you and your dogs. Contact us now for a deal you won’t regret.




Our Pet Services

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