Mobile Pet Spa

Save the hassle, avoid traffic jams and long queues at the pet spa for your weekly pet grooming ritual. Contact us now and receive pet services right at your doorstep!

Mobile Pet Spa Singapore

Is it always a hassle to send your pets to the pet spa? It may be easier for the smaller pets to be carried around in cages like the guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters. But for bigger guys like your cats and dogs, it may be a teeny bit more difficult as they can get anxious or overly excited. Or are you having a bad week being saddled with work and personal issues, while your poor puppy seriously needs a good cleaning?

Worry no more! With our convenient mobile pet services, we at Pet Grooming Xpert aim to bring the solution right to your doorstep.

Why Mobile Pet Spa?

  • For clingy pets or owners – to spare you the anxiety of being away from your pets, and vice versa.
  • For service dog owners – we understand it is extremely important to have your dogs close to you, so we make sure that they are no further than 200 meters away from you.
  • For the already-juggling-with-a-million-things octopus – let us be that extra tentacle so that you can at least have some free time to spend with your loved ones.
  • For owners with senior dogs and cats – we are here to help reserve your loyal companions’ energy (to spend time with you), which would otherwise be exhausted from all that travelling (to and from the pet salon).

The Doraemon Pocket

In that little fully equipped van, we will get your pets washed, groomed and even beautified, all upon your request. Not so little if you come to think of it. We provide a series of services from the basic package of only washing and cleaning to the more premium ones which include haircuts for your pets.

The quality of pet services at our mobile pet spa is no less than the ones at our very own salon. Instead, your pet will enjoy our groomer’s full one-on-one attention.


We will first brush off any dirt or debris off your furry pets with a soft brush. For long tangled hair, we will first hold the hair and brush the end, then slowly move to the top. We will be gentle with them and if yours is easily frightened, we will be extra careful. We shall try our best to ensure that your pets fully enjoy the whole experience.


After that, we will get them shampooed, massaged and cleansed. Senior dogs and cats will definitely enjoy the relaxing massage. We use high-quality pet shampoos which are gentle and safe for your pets. However, we do accept requests if you prefer to use your own product so that your pet smells like how it normally does. For pets like dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits, we will also help clean their ears which are essential to prevent wax buildup and for their general well-being.

Blow Dry

Then, we shall wrap your pet with a towel and blow dry your pet with a low heat or a cool hair dryer. Especially for dogs, we do not practise cage drying. We hate it as well.

Nail Clipping And Hair Trimming

Other services we provide include nail trims and haircuts. Depending on the package that you choose, nail clippings and hair trims will cover different areas. There is light hair trimming where we will only trim the rear ends, the hair near the paws, face and ears; and full trimming where we will trim the hair of your fluff balls to your desired styles.


If you would like to go the extra mile to add a little glamour to your pets, we even have nail polishing and hair chalking services for your pets. But do note that all these extra services have to be requested when booking your appointment and are not available on the spot. This is to ensure that we send a team of suitable professionals to cater to your needs.

One Call Away

Owning a pet needs commitment. It definitely requires you to allocate some of your time and effort to care for them. But, don’t let that stop you from having one because all the love that you will receive in return from these happy fellows is priceless and totally worth it.

Leave the hard work to us, while you concentrate on loving them. With a fully equipped van, we would only need you to provide us with a parking space. It is that simple! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or drop us an email and our experienced groomers will be there in no time.




Our Pet Services

Dog Grooming

Regardless the size, breed and fur condition of your dog, we are ready to groom your adorable dog. 

Cat Grooming

Bath and groom a cat could be the most challenging for most of the cat lover. No worry, we are ready to help.

Rabbit Grooming

Is your Lionhead rabbit really looks like a lionhead with it messy hair? Time for grooming. Find out more.

Guinea Pig Grooming

Your soft and sweet guinea pig deserve a proble grooming like bath, cleaning hair grooming and nail trimming 

Pet Hotel

Going overseas and worry about your love pets? No worry, we are always ready to help with our pet hotel.

Pet Cremation

This is the saddest moment for all the pet owners. Your pet will be forever in our memory.

Pet Taxi

Need to relocate your pet or sending them to Salon? We are here to help. Find out more about our pet taxi.

Dog Training

Dog is one of the most intelligent pet in the world. Of course, proper training is a must. Find out more.

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