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Pet Care Singapore

Deserving Pets

Dogs or cats are great to have as pets because they never fail to shower you with unconditional love. A purr or a lick from them is all you need to heal your heavy heart after a tough day at work. As devoted as they can be, they need to be cared for as well. Certain breeds of dogs or cats have a faster rate of fur growth and they’ll shed all over your home. Hence they’ll need to be groomed regularly.

With the current hot and humid weather in Singapore, your pet would feel very uncomfortable if its fur is left unattended. Some pets also need the extra exercise and require their daily walks to maintain their health. All these responsibilities as a pet owner will certainly take a toll on your time and energy. Even so, your pet still deserves to be loved, treated well and appropriately cared for.

Care For Pets

Grooming and pet care is something that is of paramount importance for your beloved pets. Such a service would ensure that they stay comfortable, healthy and happy always. Professional pet care services usually comprise of grooming, sales of pet care products and even pet boarding. No matter which pet care service is involved, it has to be carried out with utmost care and affection that your precious pet deserves.

One Stop Pet Care

Providing excellent pet care services with a conscience is what Pet Grooming Xpert strives to achieve while caring for your cherished pet. We have all sorts of pet care services provided by qualified and experienced specialists – offering the best and most suitable service for your pet. Our company goes beyond the usual training in animal care, such that our employees are trained to handle all sorts of pets with skill, love and compassion – dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, etc.

Service Variety With Competence

For our professional pet grooming services, our skilled groomers have vast experience dealing with pets of various breeds, different sizes and varying hair length. We even provide pet boarding and pet sitting services if owners need to go on a trip but couldn’t bring them along. Our facility provides an area where your pet can roam around freely under the supervision of our attentive staff, to prevent any harm befalling them.

As for pet sitting services, we go the extra mile by providing customised solutions that cater to your requests. For example pet walking, pet transportation to specific venues and events, or by just taking care and playing with your pets for a couple of hours. Unlike most pet care service providers in Singapore, we have an array of scrumptious but healthy food choices for your pets to choose from while they’re under our care.

Providing Care With Love

Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, we place a lot of emphasis for our team to have genuine love and compassion for all kinds of pets. This gives our customers the reassurance that their beloved pets will always be treated with respect and handled with tender loving care.

Contact us today for enquiries or consultation, and we will even provide pickup and delivery services for your pet if required. So contemplate no more and give your pets the love and care they fully deserve!

Our Pet Services

Dog Grooming

Regardless the size, breed and fur condition of your dog, we are ready to groom your adorable dog. 

Cat Grooming

Bath and groom a cat could be the most challenging for most of the cat lover. No worry, we are ready to help.

Rabbit Grooming

Is your Lionhead rabbit really looks like a lionhead with it messy hair? Time for grooming. Find out more.

Guinea Pig Grooming

Your soft and sweet guinea pig deserve a proble grooming like bath, cleaning hair grooming and nail trimming 

Pet Hotel

Going overseas and worry about your love pets? No worry, we are always ready to help with our pet hotel.

Pet Cremation

This is the saddest moment for all the pet owners. Your pet will be forever in our memory.

Pet Taxi

Need to relocate your pet or sending them to Salon? We are here to help. Find out more about our pet taxi.

Dog Training

Dog is one of the most intelligent pet in the world. Of course, proper training is a must. Find out more.

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