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Pet Chalking Singapore

Go Big or Go Home

The art of dressing up pets have been an obsession since a century ago, be it in in tuxedo or a tutu skirt. Today, with the ever evolving fashion industry, pets’ fashion has seemed to escalate to a new level, with designs so extravagant that pets even have their own fashion show. Back then, only the rich were seen to dress up their pets for a show of status. It is pretty common now to see dressed up pets roaming the streets in Singapore, one “chio-er” than the other

Forced Love is No Love

There is definitely nothing wrong to share your fashion passion with your pets, but just be sure to prioritise your pet’s comfort. Unlike humans, pets are not able to voice out their feelings when being dressed up, but if you pay attention to their little gestures, you would be able to sense their emotions. Costumes or any clothes can be uncomfortable on pets. There is a high chance that they might overheat, especially in Singapore with its scorching hot weather, or feel restricted with their movement depending on the costume that they wear. Tiny accessories like buttons are hazardous to your pets as well, as they might mistake it as food.

Chalking is The New Black

It is not going to be all so interesting if your pets put on a grim or unimpressed face even when you put them in the prettiest outfit of the century. If your pets really reject the idea of a costume but you still want to have twinning outfits with them, try chalking!

No, not the blackboard chalks that teachers throw at you when you are not listening in class. We are talking about the pets dye sort of chalk. At Pet Grooming Xpert, we wish to spice it up a little for your furry soulmates. With our team of creative professionals, your pets shall be our blank canvas to work on. We chalk all types of pets, from dogs to guinea pigs. If you want those rosettes on your Abyssinian guinea pigs to look like fire, come to us. Or if you want to march on National Day with a Singaporean flag chalked on your Samoyed or poodle, come to us too.

Chalking for your pets is painless and harmless if done the right way and the right chalk is used. You can always try to dye your pets at home yourself, but remember to never use human dye on your pets. They contain chemicals that will be disastrous to your pets’ skin. As animal skin’s PH level differs from humans, human dye may trigger an allergic reaction if used on your pets. Some groomers even use bleach and oxidising dyes which is a big no-no. Here, we use only the safest and non-toxic chalk on the market.

Chalking for Dummies

To chalk your pet, firstly, brush off any excess hair from your pets to ensure that the chalk adhere better to your pets fur. Then, style the hair with a grooming spray. Next will be the fun part. To get the chalk on your pet, either apply it directly to the fur or use a brush, depending on the effect that you are trying to create. After combing through the fur to remove redundant hair colour, we spray another layer of grooming spray to make the colour stay. Be sure to do it outside as it can be messy especially if your pet is an active one.

Else, just send it to us to avoid all the hassle. Give us a call or drop us an email with your designs or start from scratch with our bunch of creative unicorns! We will turn your imagination into reality.






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