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Pet Cleaning Services Singapore

Letting your pets roam outdoors will definitely increase the chances of them getting dirty. Many owners are already cringing at the thought of it. Imagine the already piling laundry and your kids screaming for milk from the other end of hall, and there standing in front of you an innocent looking pup which just had the time of its life rolling in the mud and fallen leaves. Look who got a new costume for Halloween!

This however should not be an excuse to strip off that little freedom that they could have enjoyed. No dogs or cats or even guinea pigs like being trapped in the house or their enclosed area for a long period of time.

It is always a good idea to bring you dogs out for walks, because apart from sprinting to you when you get home, they really do need some proper exercise. Guinea pigs on the other hand are curious rodents that love adventures roaming in the backyards. Cats, needless to say, are innate wanderers that enjoy exploring the neighbourhood.

The Best Of Both World

So, fun or cleanliness?

Why not both? We at Pet Grooming Xpert offer professional pet cleaning services. Just send them over to us and we will make sure that they are cuddling friendly in no time.

Firstly, if they come in dry, we will brush off any dirt and debris or even food stuck on their fur. Any tangled hair will need to be untangled beforehand so the bathing process can be carried out smoothly. Tangled hair can be very uncomfortable for your pets and it is going to be harder to untangle it when wet. With a suitable brush, we will start by brushing the ends, slowly moving up to the top. For clients coming in already wet, after a good day at the beach or playing in the rain, we will go straight to the bathing part.

The bathing part involves shampooing them with a complimentary massage to ease your pets’ anxiety. Not too sure about guinea pigs, but dogs and cats love massages. The temperature of the water will be adjusted to ensure your pets’ comfort, especially for guinea pigs which are not really comfortable with baths as they obsessively self-clean.

Moving on, we will then towel dry and blow dry your pets. Rest assured that we do not practice cage drying. This will only make your pets anxious of being locked up.

After that, we will also help clean your pets’ ears to remove any earwax buildup, which is a very important step that many of you might have overlooked. This is followed by nail clipping and hair trimming if needed. Some of you might want to keep your fur-balls rear ends’ hair short to prevent soiling. Else, it would be another trip down to our grooming center sooner than expected.

Leave No Man Behind

Now, your pets can have a blast without you worrying about the cleaning after that. You can bring your pets to colour run, hiking and even to the beach without any hesitation. No more having the wish-you-were-here thoughts, just bring them along because bonding time is truly essential to build trust and friendship between you and your pets.

You need not dread that weekly bathing time for your pets anymore too especially those who has more than one pet.

If it is too troublesome to come to us, you can also contact our mobile pet spa services. We will bring our services to you! So call us now and set an appointment to ensure your pets get undivided one to one attention at Pet Grooming Xpert.


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