Pet Ear Cleaning

Animal ear canals being horizontal makes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which causes infection. Send them over and we will clean them from ears to toe!
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Pet Ear Cleaning Singapore

The Unwanted Visitors

Pets with fluffy and perky ears always makes one heart melt. But do you realize the importance of keeping them clean? Unlike human ears which the ear canals are horizontal, do you know that animals’ are horizontal? The curvature makes it hard for debris and dirt to work its way back out and can easily trap moisture. All these will contribute to the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. If your pets enjoys being outdoor, they might even get tiny seeds and grass bits stuck in their ears. Some pets even have long hair covering their ears, increasing the chances of ear wax build up and making them more prone to infection.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Though most of the pets you have at home perform self-cleaning, they are not able to reach their ears. While bathing your pets, it is extremely important to remember to clean their ears. Infections, if not treated, can be painful to your pets. If serious, it may even lead to death. Be sure to check out for any symptoms of infection such as discharge from the ears, any odour and even redness and swelling in the ear canal.

Besides cleaning your pet’s ears, there are certain preventive measurements that you may practice. You can start by plucking the excess hair in their ears to promote air circulation, so that the moisture trapped inside the ears can evaporate easier. If your pets’ ears are long, you can air their ear canals after a bath or a swim by tying them up with a hair band or soft cloth.

Basic Ear Cleaning

  1. Start by carefully putting an appropriate amount of ear wash into the ear canal. Ear cleaning is not something that your pets will enjoy, so be sure to start it since young so they get used to it.
  2. Next is to massage the ears with the ear wash in it. Do this for roughly 30 seconds to soften any earwax and debris.
  3. Once that is done, step away and let your pet shake their head to further loosen any earwax.
  4. When wiping out the excess fluid, make sure to use soft cotton ball. Avoid using cotton swabs as they can further push the wax into their ears, worsening the condition.
  5. If there are still debris stuck inside, repeat step 1 to 4 until all dirt is completely removed.
  6. This should work the same for most types of pets, be it a dog, cat or guinea pig.

Clean Ears, Happy Pets

It is extremely important to maintain the hygiene of your pets’ ears to keep them healthy. Some of you might unintentionally forget or sometimes think it is okay to forget that step.

When you send your pets over to us Pet Grooming Xpert for cleaning and grooming, we will help clean your pet’s ears for sure. Therefore, book an appointment with us by giving us a call or drop us an email. Walk in is also available but it is always safer to book an appointment so that your pets receive one to one attention.






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