Pet Nail Polish

Treat your pet to a luxurious nail painting session at Pet Grooming Xpert today. It is always nice to spice them up with some pretty nail arts once in a while.
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Pet Nail Polish

It all started when celebrities, like Paris Hilton began carrying their little canines in their handbags like accessories. They are even called the handbag dogs, hardly setting their feet on the ground. The pets fashion industry went sky high overnight. But not all the hype are worth following. Keeping your pets in bags long term has been proven by expert to pose harmful effects on your pets, physically and emotionally.

There are always alternate ways to show off your pets as a statement piece. You can dress them up in pretty but comfortable costumes, dye their hair and even paint their nails. For you fashion divas out there, you can now get ‘matchy’ nails with your princess pets!

Better Than Your Own Nail Polish

If you are having second thoughts on painting your pets’ nails, fearing that it might be harmful to their health, then you can stop worrying. Pet nail polish are specially designed for their use and is incredibly safe. They even contain seaweed, green tea extracts, Vitamin E and aloe which is beneficial to their nails. Human nail polish on the other hand should be avoided at all costs. They can make your pet sick with their chemical contents like dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde through inhalation or licking. If serious, your pets will suffer from developmental problems and asthma.


  1. To paint your pet nails, first, trim away any hair away from their nails. This is to prevent the nail polish from staining their fur.
  2. Then, of their nails are too long, give them a trim as well. Else, the nail polish will flake off as they walk. You can also use a nail brush to remove any dirt on their nails, so that the nail polish will adhere to their nails better and stay longer.
  3. When sanding your pet nails, it is recommended to use a nail file made of glass. It allows you to monitor how much nail you are removing.
  4. After all that is done, you can now start painting

Unlike human nail polish which takes some time to dry, pet nail polish dry relatively fast to prevent your pets from licking them off.

When it is time to remove the nail polish or you want to try on a new colour, opt for a pet nail polish remover. Avoid acetone as this chemical is toxic to your pets and dry out their nails too much, which will result in their nails breaking easily.

Classic Bonding TIme

Just like how you have your girl friends over to bond over nail painting, painting your pet nails can serve the same for your pets as well. It can however be messy if you are not experienced. You might find it hard to get the right colour or achieve the results that you want. For beginners, you can try using the polish pens instead of the liquid ones. They are water based, non-toxic and dries fast too. Or you can just send them over to us at Pet Grooming Xpert.

Aside from the grooming and cleaning services, we provide beauty services for your pets too. Here, we have a wide collection of nail polish colours for your pet, be it solid colours, glitters or even glow in the dark. We even have a range of nail art designs for you to choose from. Of course, you can customise your own design as well.

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