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Pet Photography Singapore

Growing Pets, Fading Appearances

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are lovely life companions that easily get attuned and recognised as part of the family. As we age, we tend to take pictures of ourselves to safe-keep our memories, and most would do the same for their pets as well.

Although photography studios are easily accessible for people to get their pictures professionally taken, this is, however, a whole different story for your pets.

Most of the time, pets are not allowed in photo studios due to fears of them being uncontrollable and end up wrecking the whole place. Such destructive behaviour could be due to their unfamiliarity with bright lights during photo shoots.

Your pet’s appearance changes as it matures, and the lack of pet-friendly photo studios certainly makes it challenging to safe-keep your memories with your beloved pets in professionally taken pictures.

All Pets Are Welcome!

In Singapore, photo studios that allow pets to be part of the photography session have started to flourish nationwide. Such photo studios take pictures professionally for pets with their owners, or just by themselves.

However, there are some photo studios that may accidentally harm your pet’s vision during photo sessions, especially if the lighting is too bright or glaring. This may cause fear and anxiety in your pets while their pictures are being taken. There are also incidents where the pictures after editing and processing, are not of quality and fail to satisfy the customers’ demands.

Professional Photoshoots For Pets

At Pet Grooming Xpert, our photo studio is specifically designed and well equipped to take quality and professional pictures of your pets. We also provide outdoor photo shoots – photography services outside of our photo studio, all depending on your requirements. We have a team of professional photographers who specialise in taking high quality pictures of our clients’ dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and even birds!

Throughout the photo session, we would have crew members that are certified and highly experienced in taking care of all sorts of pets. They will cooperate with the photographer to use various forms of stimuli such as lighting, toys, treats or fans so that the photographs taken will capture those precious moments and retain loving memories of your pets. The use of appropriate stimuli would ensure that the wellbeing of your pets is maintained throughout the photo session.

Our photography services are extensive and inclusive of family portraits where the whole family can be in the picture with your beloved pet. We are also able to take pictures of couples with their pets, which could form part of their wedding photo shoot. With our expertise and experience in pet care, we can even take photos of your pets together with your darling baby.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

A well-taken picture capturing the perfect moment speaks volumes of our capabilities as professional pet photographers. We are just a phone call away should you require any clarification or book an appointment with our photographers.

So wait no more. Get in touch with our friendly customer service and have your beloved pets’ pictures taken today to safeguard your precious memories with them!

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