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Pet Sitting Contract Singapore

Away From Home

Most of us are often busy with work nowadays. Some of us have to travel out of Singapore from time to time for either vacation or work purposes. At times like this, we often have this niggling worry in the back of our minds, “What are we going to do with our pets while we are away from home?”

Not all of us like sending our beloved dog or cat to boarding as there have been cases where pets get infected by other sick pets. Our pets also might feel uncomfortable in a completely different environment and get stressed out. Furthermore, we would not like to burden our friends, neighbours or relatives with our dogs or cats. It is, after all, quite inconvenient to care for an animal if you have other things on your hand. They also might not have the experience, time and skills to care for our pets.

What Do Pet Sitters Do?

We all know of baby sitters, how about pet sitters?

Pet sitters care for your pets in the comfort of your own home. Pet sitters might provide more than one pet-sitting visit per day and some do overnight stays as well. During the visits, pet sitters may carry out certain tasks and spend time with your pets. These may include feeding the pets, walking the pets, playing with the pets and cleaning up any pet messes.

Thus, they will get information about your pet’s breed, diet and exercise routines before they start pet sitting. This will ensure that your pet’s individual needs are catered to.

Pet Sitters VS Pet Hotels

So why use pet sitting service over pet hotels then?

There are definitely more benefits of engaging professional pet sitters to care for your pets. Going deeper into that point, pets will definitely be happier and experience less stress in their own houses. Their exercise routines and diet will definitely not be interrupted. Besides that, pet sitting minimizes pet’s exposure to illness. More individual love and care can be given to your pets compared to at a pet hotel where there are often too many pets to be cared for deeply.

Find Trustable Pet Sitters

Pet sitting is not an easy job. First, you will have to have the knowledge about animals. Secondly, you will need to know how to care for them diet and exercise wise. This is because each animal has different dietary and exercise needs. The last and most important point is that you need to have the love for animals as our pets can sense what we feel. Loving the pets will cause them to be comfortable around the pet sitter.

Our professional pet sitters are experienced in providing the best care for your pets. We love animals of all kind and we treat them like they are our own pets. Other than having a proper license to get the job done, we also give tender, love and care for your pets.

Our amazing team stresses on quality and thus we ensure that all our pet sitters are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform the tasks needed for your pets. Furthermore, our dedicated pet sitters have undergone prior training, such as pet first aid certification. Hence, they will be able to react accordingly if the situation is dire.

Leave Your Pets With Us

Going for vacation soon but still can’t find any suitable pet hotels or pet sitters? Don’t worry, give us a call and we will settle it for you. Your pet will be given as much love as you do. You will come back to your house to find your pet happy and well looked after! You can also contact us to check out our other services.


Our Pet Services

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Pet Hotel

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Pet Cremation

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