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We provide a variety of indulgent customised pet spa packages for your beloved pet. That’s because your pet’s utmost happiness is our ultimate goal!
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Pet Spa Singapore

Does shuttling to various places to have your beloved pet checked, groomed and go on playdates give you a headache? Have you ever wondered if there is a place that could cater to all your pet’s needs and yours as well?

For your pet, it needs regular checkups, grooming sessions, sufficient exercise and nutrient intake.

For yourself, it would definitely be helpful if you do not need to waste your time stuck in traffic jams or queuing up waiting for your pet’s turn to see the groomer.

Now what if I tell you that we have just what you are looking for – all under one roof? Would you be excited and relieved at the same time?

Your Solution: Pet Spa

Our pet spa services are here to cater to all aspects that your Husky or your Persian would require:

Features of our pet spa:

  • Most pets love socialising with other animals. And that is what our pet spa offers: a secure environment for your furry friends to mingle with their fellow peers – worry free!
  • Our pet spa also offers a sunbathing space big enough for both felines and canines who like to bask in direct sunlight.
  • Our spa even has a specially built playground, specially designed for your beloved pet’s enjoyment.
  • Every spa appointment comes with a grooming session too, and we have that and more. Now you can have your Persian cat’s fur brushed and fluffed; or your Poodle can go for his hairstyling session.
  • If your Beagle is into active lifestyle, our pet spa has Frisbee and balls to entertain. If that is not his preferred activity, our friendly staff could bring him out for an evening stroll by the park as well.
  • Same for your kitten: we have yarns, squeaky mice and even several catnips to calm her nerves.
  • Illness bothering your rabbit? No worries. Our in-house vet is here to assist too.
  • What about an indulgent bubble bath? Yes, our pet spa offers that too. And it matters not if your puppy’s skin is sensitive as we have a variety of treatment shampoos and bath creams to cater to your beloved pet’s needs.
  • Other than daycare services, our facility also offers short term lodging for your pets. Just in case you are going away for a vacation and worry about leaving your pet Pomeranian at home by itself.
  • Our pet spa also provides nutritious snacks and treats in between grooming sessions.

Pet Spa Packages

We offer a variety of pet spa packages which can be customised to suit the needs of your pet and cater to your budget. We would also be giving you a special deal if you become our regular clientele.

Apart from that, our facilities are top-class and adhere strictly to safety regulations. Our well-trained and experienced personnel will ensure your pets have the time of their lives – worry-free.

We also ensure that every groomer of ours serves only three animals per person, lavishing your beloved furry pet with all the needed attention and affection. If your pet requires special care, inform us beforehand and we can assign a specialist to tend to him.

And above all:

Your dog’s happiness is our obligation!

Your cat’s fulfilment is our commitment!

Our Pet Services

Dog Grooming

Regardless the size, breed and fur condition of your dog, we are ready to groom your adorable dog. 

Cat Grooming

Bath and groom a cat could be the most challenging for most of the cat lover. No worry, we are ready to help.

Rabbit Grooming

Is your Lionhead rabbit really looks like a lionhead with it messy hair? Time for grooming. Find out more.

Guinea Pig Grooming

Your soft and sweet guinea pig deserve a proble grooming like bath, cleaning hair grooming and nail trimming 

Pet Hotel

Going overseas and worry about your love pets? No worry, we are always ready to help with our pet hotel.

Pet Cremation

This is the saddest moment for all the pet owners. Your pet will be forever in our memory.

Pet Taxi

Need to relocate your pet or sending them to Salon? We are here to help. Find out more about our pet taxi.

Dog Training

Dog is one of the most intelligent pet in the world. Of course, proper training is a must. Find out more.

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