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Our pets’ dental condition matters too! Ensure your pet’s teeth are in good condition so you can show off its brilliant white smile to your friends!
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Pet Teeth Cleaning Singapore

Dental Problems

We want our pets to look and smell good so we can cuddle and hug them. Hence, people will also be impressed by how our pets are so well looked after. However, like humans, dogs and cats are not excluded from periodontal disease, plaque build-up and tartar especially when they get old. They might also have bad breath when food gets stuck between the teeth after they eat and yellow teeth.

Bad oral hygiene leads to a whole range of problems affecting not only your pet’s teeth but its gums too. It is painful enough for us when we have periodontal diseases. We believe it will be even more painful for your pets as they cannot express their pain well. All in all, their overall dental health will be deeply affected.

Have you ever tried to clean your dog or cat’s teeth? As easy as it may sound, it is not at all. Some bacteria are hidden away in the places where it is hard to reach with a brush. You might even hurt your dog in the process by brushing too hard. Moreover, most of us do not have suitable teeth cleaning equipment at home!

Initial Examination and Anaesthesia

Your pet’s dental care is important. Why not opt for a professional veterinary dental cleaning?

The vet or vet dentist will first perform an awake oral examination. This will allow the vet to have an overview of your pet’s dental condition and decide how to proceed. Other than that, blood is also drawn from your pet for analysis. Through this, potential problems can be identified and the vet can determine if your pet is healthy enough to be anaesthetised.

Here is the part that worries most pet owners. Your pet is anesthetised during the dental procedure. Do not worry as anaesthesia is generally safe under proper protocols. Keep in mind that we are also doing this to ensure that your pet does not feel too much pain. All in all, it is similar to when humans undergo a surgery.

Dental Cleaning Services

After that, dental cleaning is performed and this includes a few aspects. The first is a radiography of your pet’s teeth to identify problems that lie beneath the gum-line. Normally, problems such as broken teeth and roots, periodontal diseases and infected teeth are more common. The second is a full cleaning under the gum-line where the bacteria normally lurks. Full cleaning allows your pet’s teeth to be shielded from periodontal diseases and make its teeth clean.

The third is scaling and polishing of the crown of your pet’s teeth. Scaling removes plaque and tartar build-up. Lastly, a completely smooth surface of the tooth can be achieved through polishing. This discourages plaque and bacteria from sticking to the rough tooth surface.

Our Trusted Vets

Caring for a dog or cat is not easy especially because they cannot talk and convey their feelings just like humans. Thus, we are here to help bridge that gap. Our professional vets have ample experience to provide the best service for your pet. We love and care for every animal as if it is our own.

Our love for animals have driven us to provide better service so that every animal gets the care it deserves. As we believe animals deserve the same level of care as us, we use the best scaling and cleaning product for their teeth for that gleaming smile that pet owners fall for. Pet aesthetic is, after all, important in Singapore. Not only that, we want your pets to suffer less by treating those horrible dental problems.

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Let others marvel over the gloriousness of your pet’s toothy smile and swoon over your pet! They will definitely be jealous of you for having a pet with such clean and brilliant teeth. Book an appointment with us now by calling us up so we can provide your pet with appropriate dental care!


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