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All the filth and grime on your pets need to be cleaned for the sake of their health, and more importantly, for your loved ones’ well-being. Book an appointment today!

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Need For Cleanliness

Pets breathe, eat and fool around – just like we humans do. They tend to spend most of their time playing with and around their owners, bringing the family endless laughter and joy. Dogs are energetic animals that love running about whenever they are brought out for walks. This often ends with your beloved dogs getting covered with all kinds of dirt, soil and bacteria from their surroundings.

As for cats, they are nocturnal animals that become more active at night, hunting down rodents and lizards around your house. In doing so, they risk contracting infectious diseases from rats and mice. Though cats can clean themselves with their tongues, this would only clean off the external dirt and not microscopic pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Baths Are Essential

Most dogs love taking showers, but the whole cleaning process has to be done appropriately to keep them from falling sick. Cats on the other hand, hate the idea of getting wet and it is often a struggle for owners to get their cats into the bathroom. Nonetheless, all the filth and grime on your pets need to be get rid off for the sake of their health, and more importantly, for your loved ones’ well-being.

Hygiene Care For Your Pets

All the difficulties you may face while cleaning your pets can be avoided by putting your trust in true professionals in the pet care industry. Professional groomers are capable of cleaning your pet thoroughly and efficiently, while taking care of your pet’s comfort at the same time.

For example, cleaning your pet’s ear is a delicate procedure and shouldn’t be dealt with half-heartedly. If the ears are not properly cleansed, your poor pet may suffer discomfort, pain and even end up with an ear infection.

Washing In Detail

At Pet Grooming Xpert, all our competent groomers are skilled and well-trained in the art of washing various pets. No matter what breed or pedigree your pet is, our professionals have the experience and expertise to get the job done well. Our groomers are consistent and diligent when it comes to pet care and we’ll ensure that the easily infected areas on your pet are cleaned properly.

Rest assured that for your pet’s comfort, his eyes and ears will be well protected using the latest technology in pet care. Your pet will be washed using organic shampoo products that are gentle and pose no harm to his health. The washing products we use to clean your pets can even be customised based on your personal preferences and your pet’s needs, ensuring customer satisfaction every single time.

Just A Call Away

If you’re interested in getting your pet washed and cleaned professionally, simply give us a call and we will pick up your pet at your convenience. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our top priority and great care is taken even while they’re being transported to and from our facility. With our team’s expertise and attention to details, you can be sure that your pet’s cleanliness and hygiene are in safe and capable hands.

Stop hesitating. Book an appointment with our pet specialists for a thorough “spring cleaning” now!

Our Pet Services

Dog Grooming

Regardless the size, breed and fur condition of your dog, we are ready to groom your adorable dog. 

Cat Grooming

Bath and groom a cat could be the most challenging for most of the cat lover. No worry, we are ready to help.

Rabbit Grooming

Is your Lionhead rabbit really looks like a lionhead with it messy hair? Time for grooming. Find out more.

Guinea Pig Grooming

Your soft and sweet guinea pig deserve a proble grooming like bath, cleaning hair grooming and nail trimming 

Pet Hotel

Going overseas and worry about your love pets? No worry, we are always ready to help with our pet hotel.

Pet Cremation

This is the saddest moment for all the pet owners. Your pet will be forever in our memory.

Pet Taxi

Need to relocate your pet or sending them to Salon? We are here to help. Find out more about our pet taxi.

Dog Training

Dog is one of the most intelligent pet in the world. Of course, proper training is a must. Find out more.

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