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We provide pain-free tail docking service for your pet, ensuring its welfare is well taken care of pre-surgery, during surgery & post-surgery.
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Professional Tail Docking Service


Reasons For Tail Docking

Historically speaking, tail docking procedures were performed on working dogs as people believed that their long and bushy tails would be prone to injuries in a dangerous working environment. Gundog breeds, for instance, tend to have torn and bleeding tails as they hunt for game through heavy vegetation and thick brambles.

Tail docking is generally performed shortly after birth without anaesthesia, when the puppy’s nervous system is not yet fully developed. As a result, the puppy feels little to no pain, and there are no lasting negative health issues. Anaesthesia is not required at this point as this could be life-threatening for the young puppy.

That aside, there are some pet owners who feel their pet needs a makeover. You may have heard of or seen some of the examples before: hair-dying, nail-painting, and yes, tail docking.

Tail Dock Only When Necessary

This kind of practice is even extended to show dogs. Parties who support tail docking procedure done on show dogs claimed it is to maintain kennel club breed standards. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the practice of tail docking is “integral to defining and preserving breed character and/or enhancing good health.”

However tail docking is highly restricted or banned in many countries, including across Europe, Australia, Iceland, Israel, Norway, South Africa and Switzerland. Likewise, Singapore strongly discourages pet owners from docking the tails of their pets for purely cosmetic purposes.

However when injuries or accidents affect your beloved pet’s health or its welfare, then tail docking may be a necessity.

We Are Your Top Choice

We understand that pain would be your foremost concern when it comes to docking your puppy’s tail. You would cringe in fear, feeling the same pain inflicted upon yourself.

This is why we made the following working commitments in terms of tail docking:

  • Our qualified vet will only to dock your pet’s tail when it is absolutely necessary, medically speaking
  • Our vet will ensure the safety of your pet throughout the surgery
  • We will provide adequate care and attention to your pet’s condition post-surgery
  • We will keep track of your pet’s condition until it is certified fit and healthy

Rest assured that we care for your pet’s welfare as much as you do.


Comprehensive Pet Services

Do you know that tail docking is just one of the many pet services we offer at our establishment? Other extensive services range from medical check-ups for your feline to physiotherapy sessions for injured canines. All our professional services are of the highest standard, and affordably priced.

Please visit our website to have an overview of all the services provided. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service should you have further queries.

Tail docking is almost never a necessity; however, when it is vital, you know you could count on our highly trained veterinarians!

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