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Rabbit Grooming Singapore

People who keep rabbits as pets enjoy the benefits of having a quiet cuddly companion which requires a small living space, perfect for Singapore’s apartment dwellers. There will be no complaints from the neighbours about loud whining or barking, or other types of vocal noises. Even so, rabbits are as interactive with their owners as dogs and cats can get.

While being non-vocal, bunnies have distinct personalities and can bond just as well with their owners. These docile animals can be pretty affectionate and make very good playmates while being less demanding than the average dog and/or cat. They do not need to be walked and do not crave for your attention all the time. They need less space than other pets but can be just as easily trained.

Basic Bunny Cleaning

It is basic hygiene to keep the litter box clean so that the bunny is not forced to sit on or be too near to its own waste. It is also necessary to ensure that the bottom of the bunny is free from urine stains and excess droppings in order to prevent bacterial infection. Wipe them off if you find any and keep the underside area dry and clean at all times.

Cleaning the ear requires removal of debris and wax buildup from the outer ear. The long ears of a rabbit tend to have damp areas inside the ear canals. These need to be cleaned and kept in a clean and dry condition, so as to prevent any ear infection or inflammation.

Grooming the eyes of a rabbit is quite a challenge as some species have fairly heavy fur around their eyes which can easily cause irritation, leading to redness around the eyes.  Moist cotton balls should be used to gently clean and care for the areas around the eyes.

Maintaining Rabbit’s Fur Coat

A rabbit’s fur coat, regardless of the length of its fur, must be brushed constantly to remove the excess fur in order to prevent fur ingestion, which in turn can lead to various illnesses. Brushing the fur will keep the rabbit clean and prevent fur clumping or fur matting which can irritate its delicate animal skin.

Just like cats and dogs, rabbits groom themselves, thus some of their fur will get into their systems. Regular grooming by humans will limit their intake of fur and also helps to keep their fur and skin clean and mat free.

Short Haired Rabbits

Popular short haired rabbit breeds include the New Zealand, Silver Fox, Satin and Californian. Short hair breeds need to be brushed every three days and during the shedding season, daily brushing is recommended.

The fragile skin of a rabbit also means more consideration goes into choosing the right brush and grooming tools. For example, a bristle brush is more suitable than a metal toothed slicker as the latter might poke into their skin.

Long Haired Rabbits

Widely known long haired breeds are the American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead, French Angora and Jersey Wooly. Brushing is a daily ritual unless the fur has been trimmed down to about one inch.

Long fur has high aesthetic value and looks really good but it will easily collect hay and/or litter which can cause matting. These long-haired species will sometimes develop tangled fur or large clumps of fur called fur mats that require special removal.

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The skin of a rabbit is extremely delicate and highly susceptible to cuts. Hence for grooming services such as fur brushing, nail clipping, fur mat removal and fur trimming, it takes a well-trained and experienced groomer to do the job well. At Pet Grooming Xpert, we provide the skilful professional and all the tools, room and facilities needed to ensure a smooth grooming session for your precious bunny.

As mentioned, all our rabbit grooming services relate directly to keeping your rabbit disease-free, healthy and hygienic. So contact our friendly customer service and book your bunny in today!

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