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The Angora rabbit, the fluffiest of them all, needs a lot of grooming to ensure that it does not ingest too much of its own wool. Quick, call us now so that our professional groomers can help brush the loose excessive hair off!

Angora Rabbit Grooming Singapore

There are many types of Angora rabbits out there, but only four are recognised by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA).

  • English Angora

They are undeniably the cutest among all four breeds, and also the most unique. They have long heavy fur which covers their faces and ears. Because of these characteristics, English Angoras are always being mistaken for small dogs or puppies.

  • French Angora

These bunnies look more like normal rabbits. Unlike the English Angoras, they have no wool on their faces, ears and front feet.

  • Satin Angora

They come with an extra sheen on their hair, giving them a glossy silky coat. Their wool is lighter, extremely soft and requires more grooming.

  • Giant Angora

As per described by their name, they are the largest variety and are usually bred in large quantities for their wool. In fact, their wool is perfect to be dyed and made into clothes, socks and mittens.

Just Keep Munching

Angoras are the hardest to groom among all rabbit breeds. Their fur can grow to a stunning length of 6 feet. Imagine all those hair!

But, thankfully, their diet is no different from the other rabbits and is pretty easy to handle. The ultimate ingredient of their diet is Timothy Hay. Rabbits have teeth that grow constantly and would need a lot of Hay to wear them off. Hay also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system for the rabbits. But above all, they really do love hay.

As for fruits and vegetables, these should only be given as snacks. They would definitely enjoy celery, broccoli leaves, peaches and apples. Yes, and plenty of water too! The Don’ts would be chocolates and anything high in carbohydrate.

All About That Hair

Because of their long hair, one has to devote a significant amount of time to groom them every day. Angoras shed every 90 days, which is 3 – 4 times a year. We understand that you love your rabbits very much, but there are some days when you just have too much on your plate, such that you might not have time to groom them.

Fret not. Simply send them over to us at Pet Grooming Xpert to ease your burden a little.

Angoras’ fur if left ungroomed, will mat easily and this will be very uncomfortable for your bunnies. Felting and matting occur more commonly on the underside of the Angoras because they do a lot of lying down and climbing. As rabbits cannot vomit out fur, excessive ingestion of fur from self-cleaning will also lead to the build-up of fur-balls in their stomach. They can get sick and even starve to death as they would be tricked into thinking that they are full.

Grooming Show Rabbits

On the other hand, if your rabbits are for show, there are certain grooming techniques to apply if you want the density and length of the wool to get a good score.

With a hair blower, we would first blow the excess and loose fur off the coat with cold air at minimum speed. We will do all these gently and carefully because the rabbits are so fragile. The best way for the bunnies to enjoy the whole grooming process is to start them young.

Next, we will comb off any excess fur from the rabbit which was not removed from the earlier blowing process, including the bits and pieces of food caught in the fur.

Heavy Duty Grooming

The Angoras’ fur grows relatively fast, which is why they are often harvested for their wool. This also means that their owners must be willing to take the time to thoroughly brush or blow out their coats at least twice a week in order to keep them clean and well-groomed.

On the lighter side, you can tie their hair up and even style it so that they look cuter than they already are. Occasionally, you will need to trim your bunnies’ hair or what we call, shearing. It is often a messy affair, with fur flying all around.

We highly recommend leaving such heavy duty grooming to the professional groomers. Saves you all the hassle.

Wait no more. Simply pick up your phone and speak to us today!

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