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These tiny little Lionheads need daily brushings, especially the fur around their heads to look neat and to avoid tangles. Give us a call now, so that we can help you handle that mane!

Lionhead Rabbit Grooming Singapore

In the fluffy world of rabbits, we have the original breeds and the new breeds like the Lionhead rabbits. Although imported around 1998 into the United States of America, the Lionhead rabbits were not recognised officially by the America Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) until 2014. On the other hand, as far back as 2002, the United Kingdom’s British Rabbit Council (BRC) has already recognised all known varieties and colours of the Lionhead breed.

Lionhead’s Mane

The Lionhead is not an original breed, but a result of a genetic mutation from crossbreeding two different dwarf bunnies in Belgium. The mutated gene (also known as the “mane” gene) caused the head (and often times the flanks as well) region to have another layer of wool, which we call the mane.

The mane is roughly 5cm long. An average adult Lionhead rabbit can grow up to a size of 1.7 kg. They are usually sized similarly to most small breed bunnies, but slightly bigger than most dwarf-sized ones.

Lionhead Spectrum

The Lionhead rabbits have small, compact bodies and are considered to be a fancy breed. They belong to the small bunny category and come in a variety of colours and patterns. There is the Tortoise, which comes in black, blue, chocolate or lilac. Then there are the Ruby Eyed White (REW) and the Chocolate & Seal.

Sweetest Lion Ever

Though named the “Lionhead”, its personality is nothing remotely like its name. They are not fierce at all, instead, they are the sweetest little balls of cloud you will ever come across. They are easily trained, good natured and incredibly tolerant – making them the perfect pet, especially for households with children.

Although they are very friendly with people, rabbits are generally timid creatures, and they can get stressed easily. Sometimes, an overstressed bunny can even die of a heart attack.

Go Vegan

Lionhead rabbits feed just like any rabbits. They require a lot of Timothy Hay and a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables as snacks. Timothy Hay is the staple food for rabbits and is essential for their digestive systems. Because of their ever growing teeth, they need Hay to wear them down too. As for fruits and vegetables, they are happy with strawberries, celeries, apple and many more. Avoid food like chocolates and food high in carbohydrates.

Tame The Mane

Getting a Lionhead bunny comes with a little grooming commitment. They should only be taken into a family with the agreement and help from adults to care for them.

Their fur needs to be brushed at least once a day to remove any loose fur. Pay more attention to the mane to remove any tangles that might make them uncomfortable. Grooming them is also important because they cannot vomit fur like cats.

Lionheads or any other rabbits are self-cleaning animals. The Lionhead can ingest too much fur and cause a fur-ball (or hair-ball) to build up in its stomach. If left untreated, it will die of starvation. Hence, groom your bunnies every day to prevent that from happening. Also, check their rear ends frequently to ensure there is no soiling because this can attract flies and result in a fly strike.

Grooming your Lionheads also includes clipping their nails once a month. Rabbit nails tend to grow faster to cater to the rapid wearing down of the nails, due to their nature of digging extensive burrows. But domestic rabbits rarely get the chance to do so. Therefore the only way to keep those nails short is to clip them. Do watch out for the nails when clipping, so as to not hurt them and cause bleeding.

Professional Lionhead Grooming

Not confident to groom your Lionhead yourself? Prefer to leave the nails clipping to the professionals?

No worries! Pet Grooming Xpert is here to help! Simply contact our friendly customer service and leave the hard work to our warm and skilful rabbit groomers.

To get your Lionhead well-groomed and stay handsome all the time, call us or email us for all your rabbit grooming needs!

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