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Rabbit Care Singapore

Before getting rabbits as pets, it is important to understand that it is a long term commitment. Rabbits can live for an average of 10 years or more. And because they are such fragile creatures which get stressed easily, rabbits should be taken care of with the help of adults. They can literally die of fright – from a heart attack. Additionally, they cannot handle extreme weathers well, like the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Getting a rabbit is like getting a husky – you have to keep them cool at all times.

Rabbit Proof The House

When you get a rabbit, you are getting a domestic rabbit. Please do note that they are very different from the wild rabbits and should be kept indoors all the time. Leaving the poor fluff-balls which cannot even defend themselves out there will expose them to a lot of danger.

When creating a home for your rabbits, make sure that the space that houses them is at least 5 times their size. They should be able to stretch fully without bumping their front legs on the top of the cage when standing on their hind legs. If the flooring of the cage is made of wire, it should be lined with either a soft blanket or smooth plastic flooring, as the wire may hurt their delicate feet.

A rabbit condo would make a good hideout for them when they need some alone time as well. Once in a while, with adults’ supervision, the rabbits can be let out to roam around specific areas of the house as they need their exercise as well.

Before letting your rabbits out to roam, the house should be rabbit proofed. Wires should be covered and protected with PVC tubing so that they are kept out of reach from the rabbits, who may chew on them and get electrocuted. Additionally, the rabbits might get food poisoning from eating any foreign objects. Besides that, any plants in the room should be removed as well, because they are all poisonous to the bunnies.

Proper Diet

A good amount of Timothy Hay in your rabbit’s diet gets its digestive system moving smoothly and helps to wear down its teeth. Rabbits enjoy vegetables and fruits like strawberries, apples, celery and bok choy, but these should only be given as snacks.

More importantly, foods like chocolates, potatoes, bread or any carbohydrates should not be given to your bunnies. There is also a misconception that rabbits only eat carrots, but in actual fact, carrots are very starchy and should only be consumed in small quantities as snacks.

Grooming Your Rabbit

Rabbits are furry animals, hence frequent grooming is a must to remove all excess fur from their bodies.

Rabbits are obsessed with self-cleaning, and this usually leads them to ingest too much of their own fur. When a fur-ball is formed in their stomachs, they are tricked into thinking that they are already full, and they will stop eating. So, to prevent this from happening, brush your rabbit once a day, if possible twice a day, in order to remove any excess hair from its body.

Nail clipping is also essential because unlike wild rabbits which dig extensive burrows to wear down their ever growing nails, domestic rabbits often have nowhere to do that. Nail clipping for bunnies can be a very tedious job. You’ll have to look out for the nail’s blood supply (the “quick”) and avoid cutting it because this will lead to bleeding. If you are not experienced, we highly recommend you send your bunnies to a professional pet groomer like Pet Grooming Xpert.

Seeking Professional Help

Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, we provide bathing, brushing, hair trimming, nail clipping and other grooming solutions for your beloved rabbits. Our pet groomers are all well-trained professionals, highly experienced in providing top quality care of your pets.

Rabbits are generally self-cleaning animals like cats and guinea pigs. Unless they get very dirty or are soaked in their urine, we will not advise bathing your rabbits as this is a traumatising experience for them. But of course, if necessary, our team of professionals will  still bathe and handle your bunnies in the gentlest way possible to minimise their fear.

So wait no more. Simply give us a call or drop us an email should you wish to book an appointment or have further enquiries.

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