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Many rabbit owners are not confident clipping their rabbit’s long nails, choosing to let the professional groomers handle this daunting task. Let us help you.
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Rabbit Nail Clipping Singapore

There are two main types of rabbits out there – the domestic rabbits which are usually kept as pets, and the wild rabbits (namely the Cottontails or Hares). It may be difficult to tell them apart because they do look pretty similar, but in fact, they have very different personalities.

Wild rabbit babies only need about 2 to 3 weeks of nursing while the domestic ones would need at least 2 months. Even though they are both easily frightened, the domestic ones tend to be affected much more than the wild bunnies.

Everything Hay

Domestic rabbits feed on a generous amount of hay every day to wear down their ever-growing front teeth. They need hay for a healthy digestive system as well.

They love fruits and vegetables too, but those should only be given as snacks. We all know how in cartoons and storybooks, rabbits are stereotyped to love only carrots, but actually, carrots are too starchy for them and should only be given as snacks. Other snacks that they would absolutely love are celeries, strawberries and small amounts of bananas and apples.

Keep Them Nice And Short

As mentioned above, since domestic bunnies are much more fragile than the wild ones, they have to be kept indoors most of the time. Letting them roam outdoors with them not being able to defend and protect themselves, is like sending them into the wild jungle.

It is the rabbits’ nature to dig burrows, so to accommodate this frequent wear, their nails grow rapidly. For domestic rabbits which are not able to go outside and dig, clipping their nails every 3 – 4 weeks to maintain an appropriate length is important. Long nails, if left unclipped for a long time, can get ripped on things and can curl into the bunnies’ paws, causing them pain and discomfort.

Pet Grooming Xpert To Your Rescue

Cutting your bunnies’ nails can be a very tedious job because they are so easily frightened. You would need excellent handling skills to keep them from getting hurt. At Pet Grooming Xpert, we provide a variety of rabbit grooming solutions which include nail clipping service.

To clip your rabbit’s nails, first, place your bunny in a comfortable position. Depending on the rabbit’s preference, either put it on your lap or let it stand on a table. If your pet is extra timid, gently wrap your bunny with a towel to keep it secure.

When trimming the bunny, make sure to look out of the ‘quick’ – which is the rabbit’s vein. It is more visible if the nails are of a lighter colour. If your rabbits have dark coloured nails or the quicks are not really visible, shine with a torch and the quicks should become more visible that way.

If you accidentally clipped off the quick, it will start bleeding and cause immense pain to your bunny. Thus, you should leave this task to your vet or a professional pet groomer. Trimming your bunnies’ nails needs be taken seriously, because if not trimmed frequently, the quick will continue to grow out with the nail. This makes it harder to maintain the nails at an appropriate length in the future, without cutting into the quicks.

As for the nails of baby rabbits, an emery board may be used since their nails are very sharp. If you insist on doing the nails for your rabbits personally, do keep septic powder handy in the event of bleeding.

Or, you can leave all the hassle to us at Pet Grooming Xpert. Let our experienced and trusted rabbit groomers handle this daunting task for you. Just drop us an email or call us for more information.

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